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Having been a professional graphic designer for over 30 years, I have witnessed significant changes within the creative industry. The pace of change has been incredible. In the ‘old days’, setting up a design agency required a substantial capital investment. Today, you could be up and running with minimal equipment, broadband, and the right software subscriptions in very little time. However, certain things have not changed, for example, the need for young designers to obtain experience, and begin their career. This is my ‘fascinating tale’. Or, simply move onto view the portfolio.

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The early years

Having left Scotland to attend Carlisle College of Art & Design in the mid-80s, I spent happy, fun-filled years ‘finding myself creatively’. Once found, I managed to create enough work, of decent quality that I completed the course with not only a distinction under my arm (you’re welcome), but a great job to boot. Returning back over the border to start my career in Scotland as a shiny new junior designer. The fast pace and pressure soon followed. 

A great deal of hard work, and my bulldog-like tenacity, saw me grow in confidence and stretch my ambitions. With projects for Scottish Tourist Board and the Forestry Commission in my portfolio, I dared to look for new horizons.

On my way

Moving south again, this time to Lancaster, I won a key role with Lancaster’s longest-running creative agency. I immediately sprang gazelle-like up the career ladder to a middleweight position. Relishing the responsibility, I created many bread-and-butter projects, including, branding, literature, exhibitions, and much more. I achieved the heady-height of senior designer within a few short manic years. New clients included global brands like Reebok and Rockport, and local educational institutions such as Lancaster University.  

Leap forward a few years and blamo, the offer of a full Partnership position was on the table. Grasping this with both hands, I began a lead role in business development and sales, as well account managing Reebok UK. 


Running my own business had always been a major ambition, so in my mid 30s, with 3 young children, I decided it was time to grasp the nettle. What’s the worst that can happen? 

Beginning at home for the first several months, the opportunity soon came along to jump at an office in the renovated award-winning Dalton Hall Country Estate business courtyard. G1 Creative® had a new home. These were extremely rewarding times. With this new venture came a solid increase in enquiries, and Louise became a director of the business.



In 2014, after much deliberation and soul searching, the decision was made to head back north to Penrith. Louise and I took over offices in Penrith town centre. Shortly after the move, we grew our client base even further. Cumbria Police, Thomas Graham, Eden Arts, and the team at Traybakes approached us for a raft of creative work.

The highlight of this particular period was winning the first of several award categories at the annual RAR Awards (Recommended Agency Register Awards) in London. Furthermore, we achieved many finalist positions for other award categories, and the massive Grand Prix Award, see below. The awards were particularly poignant as they were based completely on my client’s ratings, not a panel of designers. The awards included: Best in Design, Best in Professionalism, Best in Print Production, Best in Effectiveness, and more.


Enquiries continued to increase, especially digital, so we decided we required a change to our business model. The solution came in the form of a merger with an online agency. This arrangement allowed both parties opportunities to offer our combined client lists the total package.

Life has a habit of shifting the sands, and often these little signposts are all for the better. Towards the end of August 2019, I decided to leave and plough a new furrow, and focus on what I want to do most.

2019 >

Lawson Design was established on 1st of September 2019, with the motivation, focus and working ethos:

To deliver the very best quality of creative work. Give the highest level of professional advice and support I can. To supply these services promptly, and at a cost that offers value for money, and surpasses expectations. All produced with an open and honest approach, with no hidden agendas, no smoke and mirrors, and no bullshit

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